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Briquette is a clean burning fuel with high energy efficiency. It is a sustainable replacement to wood charcoal and can burn longer than charcoal. Our briquettes are made through a rigorous process of integrated waste management technique, where the final product is a thorough compressed organic matter that is easy to ignite thus quickening your meal preparation.


We install household and institutional biogas digesters in an improved way to make sure that the biogas greatly benefit the lives of users. It is currently expensive to set up a biogas plant as a household based digester costs roughly $1200. Apart from this financial burden, the household must also have at least two cows’ worth of manure on a regular basis to fully utilize the digester. Our technology allows household to leverage on different types of organic waste to produce biogas.


We make fresh nutrient fertilizer with ability to boost crop yield, and we intend to work closely with farmers to assist in improving agriculture production. Nyamagabe is one of the poorest districts in Rwanda with highly acid soil. We are therefore capitalizing on waste that actually matter to produce fresh nutrient fertilizer, that will in turn better the lives of small scale and disadvantaged farmers in this region.

Integrated waste management services

We offer waste collection services and manages Nyabivumu integrated waste management plant. After collection, waste is transported to the plant to be further processed. Habona does not only bring waste to be landfilled, but the company also employs over 20 people to sort waste into biodegradables and non-degradable. The first category is composted while the rest is reserved for recycling. In addition, as we also deal with municipal waste, Habona has access to sawdust and other biodegradables from municipal projects that are used to produce biomass briquettes.

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