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Habona Ltd is a company registered in the Republic of Rwanda that is dedicated to providing various products of cost-effective, renewable energy sources that are extremely beneficial in the face of Rwanda’s severe energy crisis. The company’s offerings include biogas for household cooking and lighting, biomass briquettes, and bio-fertilizer for farmers. Habona also provides consultancy and maintenance services regarding integrated waste management and energy solutions, and continued research and development of environmentally friendly solutions.

The targeted project deliverables include at least 50 tons of briquettes every month, and 100 tons of fertilizer in every quarter. Habona also targets to offer professional cleaning and waste treatment services, whereby one waste collection point in Nyamagabe town is now being formatted for separation of waste at source, and we launched a campaign for installing household biogas while research and piloting of institutional digesters is underway.

It is estimated that Nyamagabe’s two major towns; Gasarenda and Gasaka alone produce more than 1500 tons of waste every year, and the Kigeme refugee camp that resides in Nyamagabe also generates roughly 500 tons.

About 70 percent of this waste is organic while the remaining portion is the restwaste that may be recycled. Habona now deals with the organic part where it is used for briquettes production and fertilizers. The customers targeted are restaurants, hotels, households, business houses, schools, farmers, farming cooperatives, government, and other potential users of fuel.

The project is a key to employment generation, as of now, with few resources; 30 people are employed permanently and 50 others get temporally jobs. The project is also important for climate change mitigation and it is one of the ways to contribute to the country’s goal of achieving green growth and climate resilient economy.


Our mission is to provide and deliver integrated, long-term energy solutions to our customers in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. We believe it is essential to not only generate profits but to care for livelihoods and protect the environment. We will lead by example through a commitment that empowers our customers, ensuring excellence at all levels of our operations, performance, products and services. Simultaneously, we will actively contribute to society and uplifting the most under-privileged parts of the community.

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